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Q. Forgot my password. How do I login? (Find rakiyawa)
A. Click on the 'Forgot Password' link and enter your email address that you used when you registered.

Q. Forgot my username. How do I login? (Find rakiyawa)
A. Click on the 'Forgot Password' link and enter your email address that you used when you registered.

Q. How do I change my password?
A. Once you have logged into your user profile, you will be able to edit all your information and update your profile, resume etc.

Q. How do I change my email address?
A. Once you have logged into your user profile, you will be able to change your Email Address.

Q. How do I search for top jobs?
A. You will be able to use the Quick search or any other search methods we have on the site to search for jobs.

Q. How can I keep the top jobs I applied for in my profile?
A. You can save any number of top jobs in your profile page.

Q. Who will see my profile?
A. You will be the only one who has full access to your profile. All employers who you are in contact with through our website will be able to see your profile.

Q. How can I report a questionable job posting?
A. Fill in our contact us form and send, we will take care of it.

Q. Will my profile become inactive if I do not login for a period of time?
A. No, your profile will be in our server forever unless you cancel your account.

Q. How do I know when the Employer accepts my application?
A. The Employer will contact you using our message board at Jobs4thebest.com, and you will be notified automatically via email.

Q. How do I contact the Employer?(Find rakiyawa)
A. You can use your message board to discuss with the employer.(about Best jobs)

Q. How do I knowwhen the video or Phone interview is scheduled? (for rakiyawa)
A. Once your application has been accepted by the Employer; the Employer will set up a time for an interview and send you an invitation to accept it. Once you have accepted it and the time has been allocated, the Employer will send you a User name and a Password to access his private interview room. If you are unable to attend during the time specified by the employer, you will be able to send a request to reschedule the interview for another time. At this stage, the Employer has to accept and notify you.

Q. Can I contact the Employer before the interview?
A. Yes, you can via the message board.

Q. Once the interview has been scheduled, and if I forget the time what will happen?
A. An automatic reminder email will be delivered to your email address two hours before the interview. So you will have plenty of time for the interview. Please check your email regularly.

Q. What do I have to do to appear for the interview?(for rakiyawa)
A. Make sure all your web cam settings are correct and in a perfect working order. Keep your computers switched on, and log into the jobs4thebest website, and remember to log into the video interview page using the Username and the Password, the Employer has provided for you.

Q. Will I be able to see the Employer?
A. Yes, the interview will be very similar to an interview you will have in the Employers office. The difference is you won't have to travel, and won't be delayed by transport issues.

Q. Do I have to dress up as I would for a usual interview?
A. Yes of course, this will be a Face to Face interview. The Employer will see every movement you take. So be prepared.

Q. What will happen after the interview?
A. The Employer will notify you if you are successful, Good Luck.

Job Advertisers - Employers

Q. How can I advertise my vacancy?
You will have to register as an Employer to advertise the top jobs you have.

Q. How much does a job advertisement cost? (rakiyawa in sri lanka)
We have three levels of advertising. They are priced at Rs.1000, Rs.2000 and Rs.3000. At the moment we have Free advertising for the first level.

Q. What payment options are available to me? (rakiyawa in sri lanka)
You can pay at the time of publishing the ad or pay within 24 hours.

Q. How do I pay?
You will be able to pay online using your credit card.

Q. Can I advertise my business through your website?
Yes, please contact us.

Q. How long does my job ad stay LIVE? (when advertising rakiyawa)
Your advertisement will stay live for 30 Days.

Q. How can I report a questionable Job Seeker Profile?(for best jobs)
Please contact us using our contact us form.

Q. When a Job Seeker applies for my job ad, how am I notified? (for rakiyawa)
You will get an automated email message to your email address. You can also log into your profile and check for all messages you have received.

Q. Can I short list applicants to help me make a decision? (for rakiyawa)
Yes you can.

Q. How can I contact the employee for top jobs in sri lanka? (for Best jobs)
You can contact through their email address or using your private message board.

Q. How can I set up a LIVE Video/Audio/Text interview online with the applicant? (for Best jobs)
Log into your account and click on the My Profile icon. Then click on application received. And then select the job you have advertised from the drop down list and search.
For Rakiyawa
Once you choose an applicant click on the Communicate via Video button if you want to setup a video interview. (Audio interview can be setup the same way)
For Rakiyawa
Then schedule a date and time then click SEND. Jobs4thebest will notify the jobseeker immediately about your scheduled Video interview. Once the jobseeker has received the information they can accept the time or request a convenient time for them.
For Rakiyawa
Once the Job seekers accepts the interview time, the Employer will be notified by Jobs4thebest. For Rakiyawa The Employer will get an email with information explaining how to set up a User name and a Password to his own Private interview room. Once the Employer sends the UN and PW to the job seeker, then the job seeker will have access to the private interview room at the scheduled time.
For Rakiyawa

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jobs4thebest hints

Top Jobs, Career vacancies

How to find top jobs

Next job role Most people assume that to secure their next job (rakiyawa)role they need to go through employment agency or apply for a publicized top jobs (rakiyawa). Good job seaching Well there's another way. The on top of top jobs(rakiyawa), searching method is simply a part of the image.

Not advertised vacancies

There are several top jobs that are simply not publicized as rakiyawa. Cut advertising cost First of all exploitation job agencies or advertising are often very costly.

No more presure

It additionally adds to unwanted pressure to act once the candidates' CV's return running in for rakiyawa.

Fill in differently

Usually employers look to fill top jobs (rakiyawa) in different ways in which the most of the time what they are doing is either by going out and seeking suitable candidates themselves, typically by word of mouth internally and externally and additionally asking internally within the organisation.

Internal Contacts work

Most employers can supply rewards for who internally suggest candidates who are ultimately recruited for new best jobs (rakiyawa).

Better way forward

Find Top Jobs

So what are the ways of approaching this?

One step forward

Start networking for unadvertised rakiyawa, best jobs (rakiyawa). If you think that of all the individuals you recognize within the same line of work you'll draw up a large list.

Find the potential

Then think about them to be potential recruiters as a result of they recognize circles of others.

Go through contacts

This extends your potential network of contacts so much and wide. The list ought to embrace past and present colleagues.

What they recognise

Attempt using friends to envision who and what they recognize as rakiyawa. Additionally strive targeting current and former employers for rakiyawa (rakiyawa).

CV, Career, new vacancies

You dont know

There are usually top jobs, best jobs (rakiyawa) in your current organisation that you just are unaware of.

Good recomendations work

The great factor is that if that if you apply for employment, rakiyawa (Rakiyawa) through somebody you recognize or a past or present boss you'll go along with a recommendation.

You are known

You’re not cold or unknown to the recruiter. You have got a connection and after all that affiliation are in the middle of a recommendation. You’re already half approach there!

Talk to a friend

Another source of contacts is academics or even lecturers at your college or faculty.

New vacancies for future

Keep it up

They perpetually hear of opportunities rakiyawa or recognize those who hear of opportunities.

Network once more

You see you're networking once more. Once more the top jobs can usually be unadvertised.

Recomendations will work

Use the careers recommendation groups for an equivalent reason to find best jobs (rakiyawa).

Employers do not

Believe me, there are employers out there who are reluctant to use the normal ad agency route for fulfilling top jobs ( top jobs in sri lanka).

No more applications

They simply don't wish to be inundated with candidates and need to prepare the great from the unhealthy.

Stop wasting time

Once they begin the interview method with variety of individuals then this should be honest and equal to all candidates. This except for the rest is time consuming.

The number game

This is a numbers game. In most cases the employer or colleague won't have top jobs in sri lanka(best jobs).

Recall you for

But they're going to recall you scenario if a vacancy (rakiyawa) arises for best jobs (rakiyawa).

CV will stay

They’re going to retain your details and will have one thing suitable within the future or hear of one thing appropriate.

The hidden top jobs

Effectively you're still networking for those hidden top jobs for best jobs (rakiyawa) even if your initial contact has passed.

Through your colleague

Make sure that your contacts have a copy of your CV, even though it's a colleague.

New career for future

Sneak peak through

To start, firstly everybody you offer your CV to can open it and skim it.

Nothing to lose

It’s simply attribute to be curious. Second they're going to not delete it as a result of a CV is taken into account personal for rakiyawa.

it's your information

You have got created a connection for rakiyawa, you're trusting the colleague or organisation along with your personal data.

Checkout to help

Thirdly a person can sympathize along with your scenario and check out to assist to find rakiyawa. Finally they will be motivated by any reward for placing the candidate for rakiyawa.

Apply for others

It is vital to still apply for publicized top jobs best jobs (rakiyawa) at the time they published.

Be on the ball

This keeps your information current and permits you to envision what employers are probing for top jobs in sri lanka.

Customise the CV

Tailor your CV to fulfill the duty,best jobs (rakiyawa) descriptions as they're perpetually ever-changing in little ways in which. Good luck with your job, rakiyawa searching.
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