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How many of people we have met those who are looking for ‘Top Jobs’ even they are engaging in a job currently? How many times we have seen the term ‘Top Jobs’ on newspaper advertisements and internet job sites?

Then what is this ‘Top Job’

Before understanding a term ‘top jobs’, it has to be understand the term ‘job’. What is a ‘Job’? When a set of defined tasks are performed by worker or employee for the exchange of a payment or wage it can be identified as a ‘job’. It is a position which is certainly paid. A job is consisted with specified tasks, duties and responsibilities which are achievable and measurable. It is identical with its physical and social features of the working environment. A job can be done by an employee or worker, a volunteer or a business man. Top jobs may exhibit in the form of full time top jobs and part time jobs, permanent top jobs and temporary jobs, contract basis jobs and seasonal jobs and also odd jobs and self-employments.

Status of Vacancy

• The types of top jobs can be identified as full time or part time job occupations, permanent or temporary jobs, odd jobs, seasonal jobs and self-employment. • People usually tend to engage in a job which is related to their degree or educational qualification and training or working/professional experience. • People do odd jobs or stay as unemployed as they do not have permanent jobs. • People do extra or additional jobs while they engage in their main job. These additional jobs are normally done at night hours which are called as moonlighting, to earn an additional income.

Getting Started with your career.

Getting started with the first job is a landmark of anyone’s career life in many societies. Youths and students may have engaged in part time jobs, odd jobs and family business works and also summer jobs during their summer vacations. School leavers may start their job life with contract basis jobs, temporary jobs and trainings. University students and graduated students may engaged with internships and trainings.

Find Career vacancies

Job vacancy, also called as job opening is exhibits where a job is offered by a company. As they want to hire new employees they open for vacancies. The right person to the right place has to be selected at right time.

Your Career Satisfaction to be in high level

Job satisfaction can be identified in many ways. Simply it can be identified as the level of satisfaction of a particular job which is doing by an employee. The satisfaction of the job depends on several factors. It might be the working environment, supervisors and subordinates, level of stress, work load, salary scale and many more. The satisfaction levels are varied from employee to employee. Those factors can be categorized and discussed as follows:

Main Environmental Factors that needs attention

Well established organization structure should be there. Then only the employees receive messages and advised from one supervisor and also an employee has to responsible for one supervisor. This makes more comfortable working environment for employees. Otherwise, what will happen if an employee receive overloaded massages, duties and advises from several supervisors? He/she will frustrate, stressed and fed-up with the job. This can be identified as ‘communication over-load’ where employees receive many messages that make a difficult situation to process the tasks and duties. The ‘communication under-load’ can be identified where messages are received by employees who are below ability to process. This situations lead to the dissatisfaction of jobs. Therefore there has to have a proper communication system and a well-defined organizational structure.

Superior-subordinate communication

The communication in between supervisors and subordinates is a vital factor on employees’ job satisfactions in the working place. The behavior of the supervisors such as facial and vocal expressions, eye contacts and body movements can affect positively and negatively on employees’ job satisfactions. Non-verbal messages play an important role in interpersonal communications regarding creation of impression and emotional. Nonverbal closeness from the manager serves to increment interpersonal association with their subordinates affecting job satisfaction. The way in which managers correspond with their subordinates non-verbally may be more vital than the verbal substance. People who abhorrence and consider their director are less eager to communicate or have inspiration to work though people who like and think positively of their manager are more possible to communicate and are satisfied by their job and working environment.

Strategic Employee Recognition

It is believed that the employee or worker satisfaction is specifically identified with money. Human resource management practices lead to positive financial outcomes. Strategic employee recognition can be identified as the most vital program to improve retaining of employees, motivation and financial situation.

The individual factors to be considered when apply for a job

Moods and feelings or emotions at work are identified with job satisfaction. Moods have a tendency to be longer enduring, while feelings are regularly more extreme, short-term. Moods are identified with overall job satisfaction. Positive and negative feelings were likewise discovered to be essentially identified with overall job satisfaction. Emotion management incorporates the greater part of the conscious and unconscious endeavors to expand, keep up, or diminish one or more parts of an emotion. It was discovered that negative emotions reduce job satisfaction and the intensification of satisfying emotions expands job satisfaction. Personality for top jobs There is a relationship between personality and job satisfaction. Antagonistic affectivity is connected unequivocally to the identity quality of neuroticism. People with negative personalities are more inclined to encounter less job satisfaction. Positive personalities are connected firmly to the high job satisfaction.

Psychological Well Being and keeping the safe work

Psychological Well Being in the workplace plays an important role in determining job satisfaction and has attracted much research attention in recent years. The level of the job satisfaction has a huge influence on the employees demand for other job opportunities, especially for top jobs. They always believe that the top jobs in the job market or the companies which are providing top jobs have fulfilled all factors mentioned above. Employment can be identified as a relationship in between two parties, more the employer and the employee based on a contract. Employees are hired or recruited by employers to perform specified duties defined in a job.

Why People Need a Job?

People have to have fulfilled their basic needs and wants such as food, house, security, education and other wants. For that they have to have adequate amount of money. In the world where everything is based on money, people have to have jobs and also jobs for their children in the future. Most accepted benefit of having a job is financial independence which gives people emotional and physical freedom to make their own decisions and have a responsibility of live by them. Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they're looking for ideas. ~Paula Poundstone


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