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vacancies in Sri Lanka

vacancies in sri lanka

New Jobs are?

Definition of New job can be discussed in two ways, one is in terms of new job opportunities available in the job market and other one is finding for new jobs by the employees instead of their current job and employment.

Why People Looking For New Jobs

“I’m looking for new jobs, because I have fed up with my current job” or “I have found a new job and it is of course better than previous one”. How many times you have heard these kinds of statements from your friends, neighbors, relations and family members.

Find new jobs

It can be identified as the time to look for a new job when people having difficult time at work and just do not want to be there further. They might be thinking about quitting from their current jobs and moving on once they got fed up. Unless it can lead employees into stress, depression, even residual anger which will create relationship issues in workplace and home. Worse thing could be happen is got fired because of employee productivity has been decreased. To prevent these possible incidents, an employee should understand that he/she has to find a new job. Most obvious reasons, why employees seeking for new jobs can be identified as follows; best

Leaving the place

When employees are not paid enough and they got disappointed on their employers and look for move on to another new job which will pay a satisfactory payment.

Reach new jobs

When the commuting is too long, usually employees tend to look for other companies which are close by them.

Find a better place

When the working environment is not very comfort for employees, then they will look for better places to work.

Slow career growth

Lack of career growth opportunities will also direct employees to seek out new jobs. online

New job opportunities in the job market

Most of the people are complaining about the inadequate job opportunities in the job market. Besides that there is a sufficient supply in jobs, if job seekers are qualified enough. New job opportunities emerge in the job market can be based on many situations as follows;

Developing with Technology:

Development of technology and science can influence in two ways; it destroys low-skilled jobs but creates jobs which require different skills, as an example; computerized accounts maintainers instead of traditional book keepers. On the other hand it creates new job fields such as software engineers and web developers, social media managers and operators and IT consultations and IT teachers.

Upcoming good opportunities

Investment and expansion of business and industries: this will require more productions and services to be increased and it leads for a gap between jobs to be done and employees exist. That mean the job market will have more job opportunities for job seekers. new jobs New jobs partnerships

Public-Private Partnership:

In any country, involving of private sector in the production and service sector can increase new job opportunities in the job market.

Developing of Service sector:

it is obvious that when a country becomes ‘developed’ status, the service sector of the economy gets the high contribution share and new jobs opportunities emerge in the job market.

How to find it?

There are many ways and means to search for new job opportunities in the job market. Although still practices the traditional ways of searching, applying for jobs and interviewing employees, the job searching has become more easy and efficient with the integration of modern technology such as online job searching engines, resumes through emails and video resumes and online interviews.

Searching the best.

Searching for or finding of a new job is not sufficient if the job seeker want to be succeeded; he/she has to prepare for new job search. There are few things to do for you to prepare for a new job whether you are a fresh job seeker or a fed up employee already. hotjobs

Focus on your requirements

Decide on the job type and the career field that you want to engage in. For that you can focus on your education and professional qualifications and working experiences if any. Find out available opportunities

Vacancies in Sri Lanka

You can use any method to search for job opportunities, gazettes and newspapers, job related web sites, cold calling, job fairs and even through networking and referrals.

Make a priority list

You can find out many job opportunities that may suit you and make a list according to your desire and have details of each and every job opportunity. best Prepare your CV and cover letter

Vacancies in Sri Lanka

Your CV is the first impression about you to the company. It will create a considerable amount of your image. And of course the covering letter, make sure to impress your employer company through the letter and write it according to the company and job details you have collected.


When you are called for an interview dress properly, practice answering interview questions, and impress the interviewer with your qualifications, experiences, skills, expertise and confidence. And emphasis your interest in the position and why you are the best candidate for the post. Interviewers usually focus on your education and experience, business sensibility, enthusiasm and willingness to learn, ethic of work, interpersonal skills and manageability. Keep in mind, if you are person who already employ don’t criticize your current or previous companies.

Challenges at work

The employee has to work within new technology, customers and new organizational culture and this will reduce the productivity of the employee at his/her new job. The organization also faces for challenges when new employees are recruited. best

There are costs

Employee retirements results cost for organizations in cause of cost of advertising, selection, recruiting and orientating of new employees. It takes quite time to reach full Proficiency by new hires.

Facing new difficulties

Job efficiency decreases when employee’s experiences are misunderstood and fail. New employees, who fail continuously and engaged employees, who were discourages by recruiting new employees start to consider move on for new jobs.

Sri Lankan job market

Sri Lanka’s economy is booming since 2009, after suffering of nearly thirty years of conflict. The economic growth has accelerated, infrastructure and tourism and urban development moving fast and industries growing rapidly. The foreign visitors amazed by the post war progress.

Vacancies in Sri Lanka

With the growth of each and every sector in the economy of the country has created more job opportunities and vacancies in Sri Lankan new job market. Sri Lanka is welcoming both Sri Lankans as well as foreigners to work for new jobs in the country.

Qualifications to suit your career

With the booming of economy, it is available all kinds of vacancies in Sri Lanka, such as accounting, sales, information technology, teaching, health care, office administration, manufacturing, agriculture, architecture, banking, hotel and restaurant, human resource management, transport…etc.

Vacancies in Sri Lanka

Of course Sri Lanka is extremely investor friendly for new businesses and industries. This is to promote entrepreneurs for the creation of new jobs opportunities for the labor force who are looking for vacancies in Sri Lanka.

How to find out vacancies in Sri Lanka

It is obvious that both traditional and modern ways of job searching mechanisms are practicing to find out vacancies in Sri Lanka. If someone is looking for a government or semi-government vacancies in Sri Lanka, they have to follow gazettes and news paper advertisements. But for private sector vacancies, of course modern and technological ways, such as, online job sites are very popular among the job seekers.

Trends in the Sri Lankan Job Market

Information and Computer Technology has become emerging sector with high demand for IT vacancies in Sri Lanka. Demand for skills and training is high in ICT field in Sri Lanka. Especially demand and supply in programming and software engineering job vacancies in Sri Lanka have been increased notably.

Training and education

Vocational education and training sector is having a unique role to play in Northern and Eastern provinces and it will create more job vacancies in Sri Lanka in near future.



There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes. ~William J. Bennett, The Book of Virtues